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10 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding Planner in Portugal

by | 20 Dec 2022 | Tips & Tricks, Why Portugal

Portuguese wedding traditions come to hand to hand with the role of a destination wedding planner, from a diversity of ancient Portuguese heritages, cultures and customs that affect the entire wedding process in Portugal. This country is known to be extremely friendly through its professionals and inhabitants in general.

Here, the team selected for the event is very attentive to all the guests, especially the Bride and Groom.

Culture, hospitality, climate, and gastronomy are all good factors to choose from in this magnificent country.

It is necessary and very important to trust a team to organize your big day. A destination wedding planner is someone who will facilitate a long process, which requires a lot of time available to give “life” to all your wishes and all the details of a very special day.

Choosing a country that you don’t know or that you only know for a short time, those memorable holidays, that country that captivated the desire to hold your wedding. Believing and betting on the work of a wedding planner is essential for everything to go well on the big day, your day.

A wedding planner knows several suppliers and works together with a team of professionals who aim to make your day unique and unforgettable. There is a link between everyone, very important, teamwork, communication, and keywords for everything to go well.

Even from a distance, you will feel confident and comfortable with all the decisions you will have to make through someone who represents you in another country.

A destination wedding planner is just that, your representative, is the person who knows you and who will take care of all the details according to your wishes.

Usually, all wedding providers around the world believe that their service is the best, however, a wedding planner is the glue that holds all services together, which guarantees a perfect wedding. We intend to bring together all the areas that you like the most and stick together so that not only is your event a success but that it is done according to what you always wanted and dreamed of.

Since your only mission is to make your wedding a reality, we are sure that you will be in excellent and professional hands by trusting us and our services. Our goal will always be to make your destination wedding in Portugal a true dream.

Leave the most difficult task to a team specialized in handling this whole process, the organization of a wedding.

Here we leave our tip and some reasons why you should contact and hire a wedding planner.

10 Reasons to choose a destination wedding planner in Portugal

1 – A destination wedding planner helps make the vision of the bride and groom a beautiful reality:

The main objective is to turn all your wishes into reality. He is able to help create the look, style, mood and ambience that clients need. With your wedding planner vision, you can guide the latest trends, vendors and styles inspired by others. Most brides imagine their big day for their whole lives, so the wedding planner helps make that day unique and there is nothing more rewarding for a professional than fulfilling someone’s wishes, making them a reality, on an unforgettable day. Making them happy!

Many friendships are built after an event because the link between the bride and groom and the wedding planner sometimes becomes a beautiful bond born from confident moments with a beautiful bond of friendship that lasts a lifetime.

We emphasize the importance of choosing your wedding planner, for the reasons transcribed above. It will create a bond of confidence, trust and friendship.

2 – Creating a relationship with customers:

A wedding planner will spend a lot of time with the bride and groom. This means that will get to know couples very well during the months or years of planning the entire event with them. The wedding planner’s task is the main priority, the relationship with the client plays an important role because the bond that is created is very important to captivate the trust of the bride and groom, from the beginning to the first contact.

This permanent contact with customers even after the event is fundamental, it demonstrates that they have a good relationship and that they have created bonds, which sometimes turn into beautiful and long friendships.

It is through a good relationship with the bride and groom and through professionalism that the wedding planner manages to create a reference image and an excellent work environment, thus transmitting confidence in the first contact with the client.

The secret is to surround yourself with extraordinary people and stay associated with clients you love to work with.

3 – You will have someone you can trust:

We all agree that a wedding planner is not the easiest person to deal with, due to the requirement of perfection, they are people who strive to ensure that everything runs according to the wishes of the Bride and Groom. It takes some time to plan everything especially when the Bride and Groom are very demanding and want everything perfect on their big day.

A wedding is very special, the emotion and the desire for exclusivity and perfection are obvious right from the first contact with the couple. Given all the stress and hustle, last-minute failures sometimes happen, they are common and exhausting. The wedding planner is the person who will deal directly with all the setbacks that may arise. They often resolve situations without the Bride and Groom realizing it, so as not to stress or worry the couple on the day of the event. The wedding planner plays a key role on the day of the event.

The importance of the bond of trust created between the Bride and Groom and the wedding planner is put to the test throughout the process, overcoming any obstacles that may arise, the wedding planner will solidify that trust. This will be visible on the event day when the Bride and Groom make the most of their big day and let the wedding planner handle all the situations that may arise.

The Bride and Groom are sure that their wedding planner will do everything to make that day unique, and special and exceed all the expectations created by both Bride and Groom. Trust, is the keyword for everything to go well, throughout the organization process but fundamentally on the day, the big day will always be marked by everything that happens, hence the importance that everything goes very well on the big day.

Trust the services of someone who will do everything to make your dreams and desires come true. Someone who loves to see their bride and groom happy on their big day and who enjoys what they do. Yes, a wedding planner is a person who loves what he does, because the delivery and the dedication to each wedding will always be unique.

4 – Expert advice at your disposal:

The work of a wedding planner does not end with decorating or organizing food and drinks. They go beyond balancing functional and personal preferences to complement a marriage. In addition, wedding planners understand wedding organization very well and do everything to make the dream come true and unique.

Although it looks like something very simple to organize, there are many things to happen and it requires a lot of attention and dedication, the details are endless and sometimes a little tiring. A wedding planner has the answer to all your questions and for those you don’t, look for them with your suppliers, that team that is always present. The wedding planner’s knowledge is essential for everything to go well, the bride and groom will be questioned throughout the process, and doubts and uncertainties will arise, the role of a wedding planner is fundamental in providing answers and resolving anything that may arise. It will be the person who will be in contact for 24 hours with the Bride and Groom.

This will always be the first person the couple will contact for everything.

This work ranges from listening to the Bride and Groom to making all their wishes come true, organizing the decor, food and drink, and venue, and putting together a team of suppliers. All this work is led by just one person, the wedding planner.

A wedding planner is a key to everything going smoothly.

5 – We make your dream wedding come to life:

Your wedding day shouldn’t just be about your future spouse or something you’re going to fit a few people into for an intimate wedding. A wedding planner comes with a lot of knowledge and experience, with that on the table, the bride and groom can enjoy the day without any problems.

From etiquette to your guests’ personal preferences, a wedding planner will check everything to inspire your wedding.

That help you will have when saying “yes”. Even though you are working on a wedding for the first time, the vendors chosen by the wedding planner already work on many events with multiple clients. Alone or with the help of your friends, you can’t make it perfect. Since the training, wedding planners are specialized in making connections and have a vast network of suppliers who work as a team to have a perfect, quality job. When you hire a wedding planner you are hiring someone who will guarantee that all your wishes will come true, bringing your dream to life.

Destination Wedding Planner in Portugal

6 – Who to hire? How to choose your destination wedding planner:

It is very important to carry out research and analyze the portfolio and experience of each professional, characteristics such as flexibility, responsibility, and know-how are fundamental, but above all the empathy factor, because it is a professional who will accompany the couple for a year or more, in the long preparation process and most importantly during the day of the big event. As the date approaches, the ties between the destination wedding planner and the bride and groom get closer.

After living together for months and talking daily with the bride and groom, it is natural that a friendship is born and the greatest reward of all the long work, it is, without a doubt, in my opinion, the best feeling of certainty of duty accomplished with another dream come true.

Their job is to help and support the bride and groom from start to finish, they are the guardian angels or fairy godmothers of many couples because they convey all the security and confidence that the bride needs.

This aid is ideal and even essential for couples who live far from the wedding venue and do not have free time to dedicate themselves to organizing their wedding.

We would have several important factors to point out in the importance of choosing your wedding planner, we present some fundamental ones to create the foundation of trust and empathy.
Trust your instincts and the connection you will create in the first meeting with your wedding planner.

7 – Help you manage your budget:

It is fundamental to help the bride and groom to determine the 3 E’s of their event: 1 – Emotion; 2 – Environment; 3 – Experience; what emotion do they want to invoke, what kind of atmosphere do they want to create, and what kind of experience do they want for themselves and their guests.

After a clear idea of what you want for the big day, we can identify priorities and determine your ideal investment. It is also important to know who is contributing to the final budget. Many families are contributing to their wedding budget and more and more couples are choosing to pay for the entire event in full. Many couples spend some time gathering that amount because it is their dream to get married and celebrate with an unforgettable party for their loved ones.

Once the couple has established the ideal and realistic budget, the wedding planner always tries to adjust the proposals received by the suppliers, here the priority is to fulfil the wishes of the bride and groom as much as possible and in line to adjust the values ​​to the stipulated budget. Important to often inform the couple about the market value of services. A wedding planner helps you understand the total cost of a wedding and factors such as guest count, day of the week, venue and vendor selection influence the final result.

Effective budget management allows the couple to have a realistic understanding of the potential return on their investment. This helps to keep them focused and to consider every financial decision and commitment they make with the big picture in mind.

A wedding planner encourages couples to stick to their budget and avoid impulsive purchases that could result in buyer’s remorse. Entering a marriage with debt, financial stress and anxiety is not recommended. A wedding planner wants couples and their families to feel good about their investment and to enjoy every part of the experience.

8 – Save valuable time and ensure full assistance on the big day:

Hiring a destination wedding planner is often a popular choice for couples looking to save time and energy during the wedding planning process and on the day of the wedding itself.

From choosing the venue to arranging vendors, professional wedding planners take care of all the hard work, allowing you and your partner to get together on other occasions and celebrate your engagement.

Even with some time left before the big day, hiring a wedding planner can be worth it when you consider the amount of time it would actually save.
Wedding planners know many suppliers and have a good professional relationship with most of them, it’s a team effort.

When your wedding day finally arrives, you’ll feel good knowing that your wedding planner is taking charge of the venue and vendors, coordinating all the logistics and making sure everything goes smoothly.

If any problem arises during the ceremony or reception, you know that your wedding planner will be the first to arrive and solve any kind of unforeseen event or problem, you don’t have to worry about anything, except enjoying your special day with all your loved ones.

9 – Someone experienced and with insider knowledge:

A wedding planner is always in contact with suppliers, from florists, decorators, photographers, DJ…

A wedding planner is a right person to present and recommend the best suppliers for your event, which means that you don’t need to spend hours looking, sometimes it’s difficult to find suppliers that can make your dreams come true, sometimes it’s if only that teamwork, this team that is led by the wedding planner. Furthermore, the wedding planner can potentially negotiate deals that you might not otherwise be able to, as they have an ongoing relationship with most local suppliers.

10 – Have more time for love:

By hiring a destination wedding planner, the couple will have more time to enjoy the months of planning the event, as the professional will be dedicated to fulfilling all the tasks necessary for the realization of their dream, such as the search for space and suppliers suitable for the personality. of the bride and groom, attention to contracts, and organization of spreadsheets, among many other details. Therefore, when hiring these professionals, look for someone who has good market experience.

“The work of a wedding planner does not end with the preparations. On the wedding day, and even after, our service can be a very useful help!”

Is hiring a wedding planner really an extra cost?

There is indeed the cost of hiring a wedding planner, the fact that this cost, unlike most other costs in a wedding budget, reflects a service can make it more challenging to value it.

The cost of a wedding planner comes down to time and know-how, and we know how complicated it is to measure any one of them.

In short, and with the help of this information:

  • planning a wedding from the beginning takes an average of 180h to 250h.
  • of these hours, around 74 hours are spent looking for the teams that we think will best fit the ideas proposed and desired by the Bride and Groom, also adding to the negotiation of proposals and budgets, in the visits, menu tastings and meetings that the wedding planners accompany, approximately 62 hours are counted.
  • Just in the final coordination phase of all the teams, in the weeks leading up to the wedding day, we can account for another 36 hours of closing times, which include everything that happens on the big day, from arrival at the venue, the first team to the departure of the last guest.
  • Over the course of a planning year, they exchange many emails and many messages on WhatsApp – with the Bride and Groom and with all suppliers involved in the event, while it is always important to keep the online platform always up to date.
  • Fundamentally assess whether the team you chose to have by your side can monetize the amount you are investing, we believe that more than an expense, hiring a wedding planner should be an investment, a good investment, an added value for the Bride and Groom and all your guests. Not only because of the time factor but also because of the know-how of the chosen team.

A destination wedding planner will know:

  • present you with the pros and cons of each choice and help you make informed decisions, which are in line with what you have thought for your day, and above all, advise you on those choices.
  • ensure that the proposals they receive are within market values and consider everything they will need so that additional costs do not arise as the planning progresses.

Does having a wedding planner mean taking away the Bride and Groom’s satisfaction in organizing the wedding?
We understand that you may be afraid that, when hiring a wedding planner, you have to share the fun part of choosing all those details that you have idealized, above all, having to do it with someone you barely know.
It is important that the team you choose to work with is aligned with your vision and the focus should always be on keeping you informed so that you can make decisions. Ultimately, the final decisions are yours to make.

This is just one of the advantages of having an experienced professional by your side:

  • be able to guide you through the pros and cons, the ifs and when’s so that you can decide with complete certainty.

If you have already contracted the main suppliers, is it still worth resorting to a destination wedding planner? If you’ve already chosen the space, the catering company or even a few more teams, you’re definitely on the right track and have already taken the most important decisions!

However, are you sure you covered all the details? A wedding planner is with you at all supplier meetings to:

  • make sure that you are given all the information you will need: from timetables to licenses; staffing requirements; payments and deadlines; draw up a detailed record of everything verbally and externally agreed in which everything is mentioned in a written contract.

Once a contract is signed, the wedding planner becomes responsible for communications with the different teams – preventing the Bride and Groom from having to do so, thus ensuring that there are no gaps in the transmission of information.

We would like to point out that hiring a good professional is more than just a cost, it is an investment that allows the Bride and Groom to benefit, among others, from targeted management of the stipulated budget; a good professional will never overrule your taste, on the contrary, it will make your day help to tell a little more about your story; Whatever the planning stage you are in, there is nothing to lose in meeting with one or two teams and assessing whether or not it really makes sense to have someone accompanying you, so that on your big day, can take advantage of enjoying the party.

In another context, we end by inviting you to pay a little visit and have a cup of coffee. In this, we are just a few clicks away and contact away.

We count on your contact; we are available to listen and welcome all your ideas for the realization of your dream. Our vast team of professionals are telling you – see you soon!

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